Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon grading


Alba is the most expensive grade in Ceylon Cinnamon family; It is very slim in diameter where its gives an exotic aroma.Diameter of quills, max : 6mm

C5 Special

This has a very good aroma &excellent shape and golden color-diameter of quills, max: 10mm


Exotic Cinnamon Grade yellow color with taste of sweetness Diameter of quills, max: 12mm


This Grade of cinnamon is fine color in yellow fetches a valuable international market.Diameter of quills, max: 16mm


It is same Grade as C4 but with more breaking. Yellow color. Diameter of quills, max : 18mm

M5 Special

This Grade arrive from the C5 Special Grade where this Grade contain more fox hills.Diameter of quills, max: l6mm


Gives appearance brown and yellow mix color.Diameter of quills, max: 18mm


M4 cinnamon selected Grade from fine Ceylon cinnamon. Diameter of quills, max : 21mm


The most expensive product of the rough cinnamon bark diameter of quills. Diameter of quills max : 23mm

H2 Special

Has 75% complete stick. Gives better quality and color.  Diameter of quills mm, max : 21.


H2 cinnamon grade sticks gives better quality & color diameter of quills namon. Diameter of quills, max : 32mm.