Welcome to the world of Ceylon Gems

Introducing you to a world of finest quality genuine gemstones discovered in pearl of the Indian Ocean: Sri Lanka. (Feel free to) contact us anytime to be the proud owner of lustrous and radiating gemstones that enhance your beauty whilst providing you protection.

Quality & Gurantee UPC Gem Traders

Guaranteed to provide you the finest quality of natural gemstones, the expertise of UPC Gem Traders visits the mine locations in order to obtain 100% genuine gemstones. Nonetheless, UPC has set standards to ensure clarity and cutting of natural gemstones to bring out the rare shades and unique colours.

Reasons to Choose UPC Gem Traders

Registered in Ceylon Gem Bureau

A renowned gem exporter and manufacturer

Guaranteeing the quality of genuine gemstones

Owning mines in Rathnapura, the city of gems


Personalised service For Your Convenience

At UPC, we thrive to provide the best quality service to our customers by arranging the following personalized services.Arranging Accommodation for your stay in Sri Lanka
Arranging Transportation from arrival to departure
Providing guided gem tours according to customer’s preference
Providing office space for gem buyers at the heart of the gem city in Sri Lanka.


About UPC Gem Traders Providing Genuine Gemstones.

UPC Gem Traders has served as a renowned gem seller in Sri Lankan gem industry, providing natural gemstones to consumers asia pacific. We started as a family business, currently UPC Gem Traders is located in Western province, Sri Lanka.

Serving as an exporter and also as a manufacturer of natural gemstones, UPC is highly capable of creating customized jewelry of your choice, whilst providing the Ceylonese gem industry with new gemstone creations. Setting new standards of gemstone craftsmanship, UPC produces/ supplies gemstones that has finest quality of cutting and clarity.

Guaranteed to serve you with the gemstones of exceptional/ the first-grade quality, UPC has a collection of diverse gemstones that varies from several colours and different shades. Nonetheless, these gemstones embody various astrological powers and a range of healing

Precious Gemstones


Blue Sapphire

Sri Lanka sapphires are universally renowned for their magnificent quality and the large sizes in which these sometimes occur. Every possible shade of blue is represented among sapphires of Sri Lanka, the various shades ranging from the palest to the darkest. High quality blue sapphires from Sri Lanka are reputed for having pleasing tone of colour of whatever the shades are of remarkable transparency. In superior quality material the Degree of transparency of very high and its clarity is excellent. The most desired colored and stones for a sapphire has been describe as an instance corn flower blue with a “Velvety” luster. The combination such features those rare, is the pride of Sri Lanka.

Blue Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

Alexandre Sapphire

Star Sapphire

Star Ruby Sapphire

Pink Sapphire

Orange Sapphire

King Sapphire

Green Sapphire

Purple Sapphire

Brown Sapphire

Ruby Sapphire

White Sapphire

Semi Precious stones



Spinal Green

Pink Stone Red

Spinal White

Spinal Pink



Moon stone